Goal One: Books, Books, and More Books!

One of my goals this year, the year of turning 30, was to find little places throughout the day to enjoy me.  That’s right, selfish moments.  Altogether I believe we are a selfish race, us humans, always searching to fulfill that deep hidden desire.  Now I am of the belief that this selfish desire can only truly be tamed through the dying of one’s self, and being raised in Christ, however I still take joy in knowing that our Creator instilled in each of us dreams and ambitions that are still true beyond His fulfilment.  After all Christ is so outside the box how could we ever put a word to His creativy, and being made in His likeness, aren’t we just that much more due to seek out the joy in our everyday lives He so wishes to bring us?

With this in mind I am of sound mind, body, and soul to say “I can be selfish and enjoy life!” Even if it is stolen secret moments of the day with my nose in a book, my fingers crocheting, or my mind blitzing with new ideas of how to frame the next picture in color in my scrapbook…..so alas, GOAL ONE:  TO READ 30 BOOKS THE YEAR I TURN 30!  Yes this is an ambitious goal, and although it is March 16th today I believe full well that I can do this.

The one scary part of this goal is my need for variety, I have a feeling you will be hanging on to your seats as I skip from one genre to the next, take long breathing breaks to enjoy my time with my 3 year old, or just find myself self indulging in a nap rather than reading…of this I’m sure you can agree to as life in continuous motion.  No wonder one of my favorite rides of all time is a roller coaster….now if only I can figure out how to make my life a coaster one minute and the lazy river the next, I believe I would be a very rich woman.


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